Best period panties: comparison chart

comparison chart period underwear

Our chart of the best period panties to help you choose the model you need. To sort by price, click on the title of the Price column.

Why comparing Menstrual Panties?

Now a day’s, health and ecology are more important to us than ever, many brands market their own menstrual panties. At first glance menstrual panties look very similar, but they each have their own particularities in terms of comfort, quality of fabrics, softness, efficiency and their discretion under clothing. Our comparison of menstrual panties present the best models and styles and gives the essential information to choose the menstrual panties adapted to your needs.

The period panties are a hygienic protection that can be used at any age, but are particularly considered as practical for girls who are having their first period. Discreet, the period underwear can be worn all day long as a classic underwear. Whether at the office, college or yoga, the menstrual panty is your ally during menstruation.

a black menstrual underwear There are many ways to adopt the menstrual panties during your periods. Every woman is different and has her own cycle. Depending on the use you wish to make of them, our comparison will help you choose the best models for you. Here are several ways to use menstrual panties:

  • During the days of heavy flow, plan to use 2 heavy flow panties (or shortys), and one at night. Heavy flow models are generally more covering, with a thick absorption zone area. Examples: Modibodi Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini panties or Moodz’s Big Flow shorty.
  • If you have an abundant flow and use a cup, you can complete with a fine and discrete menstrual panty or even a menstrual tanga. It will protect you from leaks. Examples: Smoon panties (seamless), Elia Lingerie thong or Blooming menstrual panties.
  • For a medium or light flow, generally on the first and last days of menstruation, you can wear a “basic” menstrual panty model all day long, offered by all the brands above.
  • If you sleep on your back and are looking for maximum protection at the back, look for panties with an absorbent zone area that extends to the top of the panty in the back (Loulou or Modibodi).
  • If you have a very very abundant flow at the first days of your menstrual, you cannot find any menstrual panties which could be used alone and protect you for 12 hours. You will need to change them during the day. If you are not at home, keep a spare menstrual underwear in a waterproof pouch. It will be sufficient for you to change them at a WC when you feel the absorption zone totally wet.

How to find the best Menstrual Panties

example of best period pantiesWhen you use the menstrual panties during your period, you need to rotate between at least three pairs of panties. Menstrual panties can be worn for up to 12 hours (days of medium to light flow). At the end of the day, the panties should be rinsed with water (room temperature) and then machine washed at 30 or 40°C, without softener. Notice, the menstrual panties should never be dried in a dryer, they should be left to dry in the open air for a few hours. It is then necessary to plan a second menstrual panty for the night, then a third one for the day after, while the first two are drying. Find all our advice to use the menstrual panties, click.

However, before purchasing the three menstrual panties, it is recommended to do the test with a first model, to be sure that the size and comfort are right for you. But above all, to evaluate the number of hours of possible use according to one’s menstrual flow. Especially since the purchase of a menstrual panty represents a certain investment. The best way to find the menstrual panty for you is, testing a first menstrual panty on a day of average to abundant flow to be sure about the capacity of absorption of your menstrual panty.

A good quality menstrual panties cost at least 26 euros each. Beware of the very tempting offers and promotions from unknown brands advertised through social networks. There are countless fraudulent brands.

The price of a menstrual panty exceeds 30€ if the absorption capacity is important or when the fabrics used are of very good quality. As an example, Réjeanne proposes her very beautiful menstrual panties Rhéa high waist at 59 euros. Of course, the country of manufacture also has an impact on the selling price: a menstrual panty made in France will be more expensive than a menstrual panty made in Tunisia or Portugal