What are Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear)?

With an innovative concept, Menstrual Panties are symbol of feminist hygienic revolution. It also been called Period Panties. It is so easy to use and very practical; this underwear has everything to attract, reusable, odourless, aesthetic and without any risk for your health.
Precisely what form it is and how it works?

Period panty is Reusable and Economic

a black period panty Once you wear it, you need one single panty protection straight up to 12 hours because of the absorbent zone. Secret and compact slip your menstrual panty in your handbag and carry with you everywhere, at school, in the office or on vacation, feel secure and confident. Your Period Menstrual panty is composed of the compact resistant washable tissue and in contrary of the ordinary pads; it is reusable as many times.

Yet, each year, 45 billion of menstrual wastes manly composed of plastic are produced in the world. While these wastes are polluting and expensive to treat, but the Menstrual Panties probably be used several years, from 5 to 7 years. It is perfectly compatible with more liable and ecological consumption.

The Menstrual panties are particularly appreciated by young girls and women who are not comfortable with internal protection such as Menstrual Cup or cannot use them.

Because of the Menstrual Panty is not internal protective which holds the menstrual flow inside the vagina then there is no risk of toxic shock syndrome.

A top hygienic with highly effective because of its high technology

Despite Menstrual Underwear being composed of several layers, the wearer would not feel the layers at all because of the innovative hygiene technology and they are thinner than the usual layers of usual period pads, therefore Menstrual Panties are very comfortable. layers of menstrual panties for period

Because of a safe composition and without risk to health, Menstrual Panties are made of 3 different kind of tissues in the crotch area:

  • The first layer in contact with skin is made of cotton, which makes it soft and breathable.
  • The second layer is a super absorbent tissue made of vegetable fibre (bamboo or eucalyptus) to keep it dry.
  • The third layer is waterproof, made of (polyester and/or PUL) which ensure no stain onto your clothes and is leak proof.

The external lining of Menstrual Panties fabric is for comfort and aesthetic. Mainly made of cotton, elastane, lycra, polyamide, etc. It depends on what style you chose.

A wide large choice of design and size for Menstrual Underwear

The market of Menstrual Underwear is booming and several brands now offer their own collection with different designs, colours, size and accessories. Among other all brands we quote Modibodi, Blooming, Moodz, Loulou and Smoon.

Normally 3 types of absorptions for Menstrual Panties are available:

  • Light flow equivalent to 2 tampons.
  • Medium flow equivalent to 3 tampons
  • Heavy flow equivalent to 4 tampons.
To purchase good quality Menstrual Panties, depending on the brand and style, it will cost between 30 $ and 70 $.

Menstrual Underwear are available in different colours, styles, sizes and finishing touch (lace, feathers, etc.). There are also available period thongs and period swimwear.