Menstrual Panties frequently asked questions

What exactly are Menstrual Panties?

Menstrual Panties, also called Period Panties, are underwear that has a particularity: this is the hygienic protection. They composed of 3 layers of an integrated membrane system in the crotch area which catches and absorbs the menstrual blood:

  • The first layer in contact with skin, which is soft and breathable.
  • The middle layer is ultra-absorbent made of vegetable fibre (bamboo or eucalyptus) to keep it dry.
  • The third layer is waterproof to ensure leak proof.

How long can you wear the Menstrual Panties?

You can wear the Menstrual Panties at least 12 hours, actually, it depends on the abundance of your menstrual flow. In order to be certain for how long you can use your Period Panties, we advise you to test them when you are at home, during the time you have a heavy flow period. Then you will then know the maximum number of hours you can wear your Menstrual Panties and stay dry. Click here to know how to start.

Can I use a Menstrual Cup or a Tampon at the same time as I wear my Menstrual Underwear?

Yes, Additional to your Menstrual Panties you can always use a menstrual cup or a tampon while you have a heavy flow to prevent eventual leaks. Notice: if you to wear your Menstrual Panties for 12 hours, then the tampon should be changed every 6 hours and menstrual cap should be emptied every 8 hours maximum.

Can I use Menstrual Panties during my first menstrual periods?

Of course, yes. The Teen Menstrual Panties are available too , they are particularly appreciated by the young girls at college. The young girls can wear Period underwear without worrying about their periods for the whole day. More and more, teenagers are uncomfortable with their first menstrual periods or with the manipulation of intravaginal protection such as tampons or menstrual cups.

How to wash my Menstrual Panties?

To preserve and keep quality of the Menstrual Panties fabric here is some advices.

Prewashing them in a basin of cold water to remove the most soaked blood. Then put your Menstrual Panties in your wash machine at 30° or 40° with a detergent without glycerine.

Do not use conditioner or softener this will damage absorbent areas. Put your Menstrual Panties in the open air for drying. Do not put them in a dryer. For more advises click on this link.

How many Menstrual Panties do I need to have for my menstrual periods?

All it depends on how you use your Menstrual Underwear. If you use them at night then you may need one single pair, of course you have to wash it the following day to be able to reuse it the next night. But, if the Menstrual Panties are the only hygienic protection, the best is to have 3 alternating Menstrual Panties. In that way, you can be sure that you always have at least one pair of Period Panties available while the other two will be drying.

Can I use Menstrual Panties for Urine Leakage?

Absolutely you can, although the Menstrual Panties were originally designed for use during menstrual periods, they can also be used for urinary leaks, pregnancy or post-partum too.

Can I use a pad in additional of wearing my Menstrual Panties?

No. This is unnecessary because the bottom of sanitary pads is waterproof. Moreover, you would feel uncomfortable; it would make you feel as if you were wearing a diaper. We advise that you wear either a Period Panty or use a menstrual pad. You can use any one that you think suits you, because each woman is different and makes her own choice.

How long do Menstrual Panties last?

On average, Menstrual Panties can be used and reused for up to 5 to 7 years. This depends on the quality and the composition of your Menstrual Panties fabric and depends on how you use them, how you wash and dry them. The more you use your Menstrual Panties and wash them, the more they will wear, which is perfectly normal.

Do the Menstrual Panties give off a foul odour?

According to the women who wear them: they say that the Menstrual Panties do not have a foul odour. The crotch area, is made of vegetal fibres, bamboo and eucalyptus which makes the fabric naturally odourless, thanks to the layer which has contact with you skin, it is not synthetic, its made of cotton which makes the crotch area breathable.

Can I wear my Menstrual Panties and sleep with them on all night?

Yes, you can. Women have been advised that, during their periods, its better not to sleep with an internal hygienic protection but to sleep with external hygienic protection to prevent an eventual risk of any infections. Also, sleeping at night with your Menstrual Panties back or face would protect you from blood leakage as they are improved and have high protection in the middle part.

I spend a lot of time sitting on my chair in my classroom and at my office, is there a risk of leakage?

Risk 0 does not exist, even if your Menstrual Panties are of good quality. It all depends on the abundance of your flow and the model of Panties chosen. If you have an abundant day we advise you go for the covering Menstrual Panties like high-rise style and for the heavy flow to use a cup in addition of your Panties. The best way to test the capacity of absorption is to wear your Menstrual Panties at home first.

Can I wear my Period Panties while I do exercises?

Yes, Menstrual Underwear with sports are compatible. However, before using them during your exercise, it is better to familiarize yourself with the capacity of absorption. Maybe you need to choose high-rise style to feel comfortable with your movement during exercise.

Can I wear my Menstrual Panties while I am swimming?

Although some women are used to wear Period Panties when they swim at sea or in a lake, it has been advised not to swim with the Menstrual Panties. If you have a light menstrual period or at the beginning of your period, it is advised to use a swimwear proof period. But, if you have a medium or abundant flow, to wear a swimwear proof and to use a menstrual cup too.