How Menstrual Panties work

Menstrual Panties are very simple to use and they have everything to feel a beauty secret. They are reusable, odourless and offer a dry protection for 12 hours. In college, at work, yoga, travelling: Menstrual Panties are the kind of underwear to wear in all situations and events. But before launching you on this new adventure please read our advices how to use your Menstrual Panties for the first time and in the future.

????‍♀️ Menstrual Panties have been designed for period but they can also be suitable during pregnancy, discharges, post-partum or urine leakage,

How to use Menstrual Underwear for the first time?

Start by choosing one style between different styles offered by reliable brands such as Modibodi, Smoon, Moodz or Loulou. By choosing one of these brands, you are sure of quality and without risk for your health. The Menstrual Panties chosen must be adequate to light, medium or abundant flow.

If you have any doubt of the absorption capacity of Menstrual Panties, there are guides on the packaging just as normally showed by a number, such as for tampons, for example light flow is number 2, which shows the capacity absorption equal of 2 tampons.

Notice???? The thicker the crotch area of the Menstrual Panty the more absorbent it is and the opposite for the finer Menstrual Panty which is less absorbent.

Woman using menstrual underwear The cost of Period Panties is about 30 $ and you can use them for between 5 and 7 years. Best practise is at the beginning to buy one to evaluate your needs, going farther for the next purchase of panties. If you are satisfied then go for two other panties (at least) to have enough to change and be sure you finish your period in security.

The best way to improve the effectiveness of Menstrual Panties is trying it for the first time at home during the abundant day (second day) for example. Check from time to time to ensure they are leak proof and feel dry. When you start to feel any leaks on the sides of Menstrual Panty, you should realise the capacity of absorption during the time of high flow.

Even if during high flow after 3-4 hours, your Menstrual Pantie maybe soaked, still you can use it up to 12 hours, by using a Menstrual Cup for example to keep extra hygienic protection. You can have an alternative Menstrual Pantie in a clean bag in case you needed to change the one on you during the day.

Care Instructions for Menstrual Panties

At the end of use of 12 hours or before, we recommended rinsing Menstrual Panties with cold water, then you put it in the washing machine at low temperature (30 or 40C). In order not to reduce absorption the vegetal fibre in the crotch area, please do not use softener or conditioner. Click here our cleaning instructions.

use 3 period panties To provide longevity for your Menstrual Panties we recommend you do not put them in a dryer machine. Just hang them up in a non-humid environment of course this takes a little longer time but your Menstrual Panties will last and save the vegetable fibre in the crotch area for an extended period of time. That’s the reason we advise you to use at least 3 Menstrual Panties in rotation as:

  • one Menstrual Panties for during the day.
  • one Menstrual Panties for during the night.
  • one Menstrual Panties for the day after while the other two Menstrual Panties are drying.

The gynaecology authorities’ recommendation is not to use intravaginal protection during the night. When you need period protection at night, Menstrual Panties are the perfect option.