Menstrual Sponge frequently asked questions

instructions about menstrual sponge

How to use a Menstrual Sponge

A Menstrual Sponge is a type of sea sponge and is used like an absorbent tampon, but contrary to a tampon, it is reusable. Wet the sponge with warm water to soften it, squeeze to remove excess water and carefully insert into your vagina. It will absorb and retain the blood inside of your vagina. The Menstrual Sponge should be removed to rinse it when you feel its full before reinserting it into your vagina.

Can I use any kind of Sponge for my periods?

Definitely not. The Menstrual Sponge is a natural sponge that has undergone a process enabling it to be used as an internal hygienic protection. Do not use any type of Menstrual Sponge without having the correct information about the product, as it may be dangerous for your health.

What is the price of Menstrual Sponge?

If you buy one Menstrual Sponge, the cost is usually between 5$ and 6$. The price depends on the size. You can also buy them in lots of 2 or 3 sponges.

Is Menstrual Sponge ecological?

Menstrual Sponge is a natural product and are collected from the sea; they are 100% biodegradable and can also be composted ????.

Doesn’t harvesting sponges destroy the seabed?

Sponges are generally sourced by sustainable fisheries in Atlantic, Bahamas, or Caribbean. The Sponges are not torn off at the root but cut off at the foot that allows them to regrow and preserve sustainability.

The Menstrual Sponges look rough, does it hurt?

When the Menstrual Sponge is dry, it is a little rough but as the Sponge is always used wet it does not cause any pain or discomfort. When the Sponge is moistened, it becomes very soft and will adapt to your vagina’s shape better than tampons.

How long can a Menstrual Sponge be used?

Like any other hygienic protection, a Menstrual Sponge should be thoroughly rinsed every 4 to 8 hours, it depends on your abundance of flow.

How long does a Menstrual Sponge last?

If you use the Menstrual Sponge every month, it will last about 6 to 10 months.

How to sanitise the Menstrual Sponge?

Contrary to the Menstrual Cup, you cannot put it in hot water; this would damage the sponge fibres.

Before using and after your period has finished, you simply put it in a cup of water for one hour with a few drops of essential oils like Niaouli or tea tree oil that have anti-bacterial properties.

What do I do if my Menstrual Sponge is too large?

You can easily resize your Menstrual Sponge with scissors to adapt it to suit your anatomy.

I have an abundant flow, is Menstrual Sponge suitable for me?

There are several sizes of Menstrual Sponge available. If you have, an abundant flow use a large size of Sponge. Also you can wear a Menstrual Panties or a hygienic washable Menstrual Pad to prevent leaks. The abundance of your flow will also affect the frequency of rinsing your Sponge.

Can the Menstrual Sponge become stuck in my vagina?

It is impossible. The Menstrual Sponge cannot get through the cervix, when is full of blood it will move down easily. When you feel the sponge is down and heavy, do not hesitate to push to bring it a little lower in order to remove it easily with your fingers.

Can I sleep with my Menstrual Sponge?

Yes, the same as the Menstrual Cup you can sleep with your Menstrual Sponge but not leave it without rising more than 8 hours to prevent any risk of infection.

Is there any risk TSS (Toxic shock syndrome) with Menstrual Sponge?

All internal hygienic protections can promote toxic shock syndrome if it is incorrectly used. But TSS is extremely rare; only 3% of women carry bacterium at the vaginal level. The reason someone could develop this toxic scenario is, if its worn for too long without rinsing it out as per our instructions.

Can I have sex when I wear a Menstrual Sponge?

Yes, it is quite possible and painless. Natural Menstrual Sponges have been used for a long time as a form of contraception.

Can I have a bath or swim with Menstrual Sponge?

Yes, just like you would have a bath with a Menstrual Tampon. You can bath or swim with your Menstrual Sponge without problem but is better you rinse it immediately after swimming because of chlorine.

I wear an IUD; can I use a Menstrual Sponge?

If you are wearing an IUD, it is not recommended to use a Menstrual Sponge as IUD wires may hang in the sponge pores and move it. It is advised to use a Menstrual Cup if you wear an IUD.

Can I use a Menstrual Sponge if I am virgin?

Of course you can, you will first need to familiarise yourself with your anatomy, to locate the entrance of your vagina and the shape of hymen if it is still there. The hymen always is open or partly open; you can relax it and enlarge the entrance with your finger to allow you to place-in your Menstrual Sponge.

Can the Menstrual Sponge also be used for post-partum bleeding?

No, use of internal protection during in post-partum periods is not possible because the lochia must be evacuated.