Menstrual Cup frequently asked questions

General information about the Cup

The Cup, what is it exactly?

The Menstrual Cup is a soft and bell-shaped, and is made periodic protection; it is placed inside the vagina to collect the menstrual flow. It should be emptied into the toilet or shower, to clean, then reinserted into the vagina. The Menstrual Cup can be reused every menstrual cycle.

How much does a Menstrual Cup cost?

A quality silicone Menstrual Cup costs a minimum of around 12$, but some cups have been sold for almost 32$. Price differences are not always justified. This may be related to brand and the quality of silicone used, to the country of manufacture or design of the cup.

Which size of Cup should I choose?

Most brands of Cups come in 2 sizes. The smaller size is recommended for:

  • Young and teenagers;
  • Women under 30 years of age (tonic perineum) with medium to abundant flow;
  • Women who have not given birth through the vaginal route.

The largest size is recommended for:

  • Women with abundant or very abundant flow;
  • Women who have given birth through the vaginal route
    Large women.

How long does a Menstrual Cup last?

The lifespan of a Menstrual Cup is generally 5 to 10 years. It is better to replace the Cup, if the silicones appearance changes (not the colour which will become yellow with the time), or the cup is too deformed, for example, if it is oval instead of being round.

Is the composition of the Menstrual Cup safe?

Yes, the Cup is usually made of 100% silicone, so there are no harmful or hidden products in the Cup. Silicone is a material very often used for medical equipment. Make sure you do not buy just any Menstrual Cup on the Internet, start by looking comparisons of the cups.

We advise the use of platinum silicone cups, because platinum silicone is more stable against the heat of boiling water during the sterilisation of your Cup.

Is there any risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) with the Menstrual Cup?

The Menstrual Cup does not protect against Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). To avoid any risk, even though TSS is extremely rare with the Cup, follow the recommendation related to wearing (maxi 8 hours in a row). The bacteria that releases the toxin that are responsible for TSS is naturally present in 1% to 4% of women. If you empty your Cup regularly, the bacteria will not have time to grow in the stagnant blood. It is as simple as that.

Using the Menstrual Cup

How long can I use a Menstrual Cup?

It is advisable to wear a Menstrual Cup between 3 and 8 hours maximum. Rest assured if you have been wearing a Menstrual Cup for 8 hours, this will not turn you into a zombie. But maybe the risks of toxic shock syndrome do rise though remain very rare.

How do I clean my Menstrual Cup?

To sterilise your Cup, before and after each cycle, put your Cup in a cup of boiling water for 3 minutes. When you are using the Cup during your cycle, after emptying your cup, rinse it with clear water. At the end of the day, wash your menstrual Cup with water and mild soap (you can do this in the shower). Making sure that the air holes and streaks are clean .

Can the Cup become stuck in my vagina?

No, on one hand, the Cup will absolutely not be able to pass the cervix located at the bottom of the vagina. On the other hand, the vagina is stretchy. If you cannot remove the Cup on the first try, do this:

  • Relax, (your perineum should not be too contracted)
  • Start by pushing to lower your Cup
  • Pinch the base of the Cup with your fingers to expel the air
  • While continuing to pinch, gently pull on the Cup with small right-left movements
  • You can also slide a finger on the side of the Cup to let some air in.

Can I swim with my Menstrual Cup?

Yes of course, this is one of the major advantages of using a Menstrual Cup. If you are not comfortable with this idea or if your flow is very abundant. To be comfortable and sure you can use a menstrual swimming pantie.

Can I use a Menstrual Cup and menstrual pads at the same time?

Of course, especially on your first few days if you have an abundant flow, to avoid any risk of leakage. In addition to your Cup, you can use a menstrual pantie or pad too.

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The stem of my Menstrual Cup is uncomfortable

The stem of the Menstrual Cups is usually quite long, so it can be uncomfortable, especially if you wear your Cup low. You can cut the stem of your Cup with a pair of scissors to make it shorter, (after removing it of course).

Can I have sex when I am wearing a Menstrual Cup?

Although some women do, we do not recommend it with a classic Cup, because it could be unpleasant or even painful. If you really want to have sex during your periods at the same time you are wearing a Menstrual Cup, use one designed Cup for it. For example the Ziggy Cup, which is flat.

Is the Menstrual Cup suitable for the first periods?

Yes, as long as you are comfortable. As with any other hygienic protection, it will take some time to adapt to it. Take your time, do not force it, and if you don’t feel comfortable with Cup, there are special Menstrual Panties for girls and teenagers available.

Special cases or contradictions

I am virgin; can I use the Menstrual Cup?

Yes, but you have to go gradually and explore your anatomy first, with a finger for example. This allows you to locate the entrance to the vagina, relax the hymen or enlarge its opening to facilitate the passage of the Cup. Also, you can help yourself with water-based lubricant. Note that the Menstrual Cup does not pierce the hymen because it is always or partially open.

I wear an IUD, is it compatible with the Menstrual Cup?

Yes, this is not a problem as long as you take a few precautions;

  • Always leave a space between the cervix and the Cup;
  • Be careful not to pull on the IUD threads when removing the Cup;
  • Pinch the Cup tightly before removing it to avoid the suction effect.

I have an extroverted uterus; can I use a Menstrual Cup?

Yes, this does not affect the wearing of the Menstrual Cup. You can use it normally.

If I have endometriosis, can I use a Menstrual Cup?

Yes, but still it’s advisable to consult your doctors for their opinion. In fact, the Menstrual Cup does not contain any unknown or harmful products that could create an inflammatory reaction.

Can I use the Menstrual Cup for post-partum?

NO, using of the Menstrual Cup is prohibited for post-partum bleeding. Because the lochia must be evacuated.