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Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup has become increasingly popular in recent years. Actually, it is not a new hygienic protection; the first Menstrual Cup was created in the United States in 1930 under the name Daintette. Since then the composition has changed and is now manufactured from medical grade silicon. The Menstrual Cup has grown in success, with women discovering the new reusable hygienic protection, healthier and more economic.

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What does the Menstrual Cup look like? They are shaped like a bell container with a stem made of medical silicon that collects the menstrual flow without absorbing blood, (the stem is used for inserting and removing). Contrary to tampons, the Menstrual Cup protects vaginal flora. This quality limits the risk of Toxic Shock syndrome (TSS), avoids vaginal mucosa irritations and discomfort.

Washable Pads

Today many women use the soft, reusable, hygienic and ecological Pads. These Pads are usually made of organic cotton and respect the most sensitive of skin types; they reduce the unnecessary menstrual waste production too. They also come with washable Panty Liners and ensure flow absorption of 5 to 12 hours.

The foldable 3 layer style with press button is very practical, easy to use and you can take it everywhere with you. Washable Pads have many advantages including their long life (from 3 to 5 years), they can easily replace the common hygienic pads.

Menstrual Panties

Menstrual Panties are reusable the same as the Menstrual Cups and Washable Pads. The reason for menstrual underwear attraction is that they are economic and ecological. This is not the only reason for their success; the main advantage of the Period Panties are the absorbing zone of vegetable fibre in the crotch area that can absorb blood for up to 12 hours long.

black menstrual underwear Today’s Menstrual Panties are comfortable and have different styles base upon each women’s physical features. They fit all women with or without additional protection. If Menstrual Panties are used alone, because it is considered an external protection, all risk of Toxic Shock syndrome (TSS) is eliminated.

Why Mes Menstruelles?

Using and caring for the menstrual cup, washable menstrual pads, menstrual panties and your personal choice of protection, many questions arise, especially among young girls during their first period. That is why Mes Menstruelles publishes reliable information, testimonies, advice and daily news. Mes Menstruelles’ website is available for women who want to know more about reusable menstrual protection and their use. offers comparisons of cup brands and period panties brands on the market including advantages and disadvantages of the various brands available on the market. The goal; is to let the future menstrual cup users have the information they need to make the best choice among the different brands available. Either to have more advice on what type of hygienic protection to have and how to use them, on our website the website users can find everything they are looking for.

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