Washable Menstrual Pads FAQ

reusable sanitary pads faq

How to choose your reusable Menstrual Pads?

First of all, turn to trusted brands for healthy and well absorbent protection. Then choose the model according to the abundance of your menstrual flow on the days of your period. Several absorptions are usually offered by washable Menstrual Pads brands.

The washable panty liners are perfect as a complement to a cup or for the last days of menstruation. Classic cloth sanitary pads are recommended for days of medium flow. Heavy flow pads are thicker and larger and are an effective protection for days of heavy flow or at night.

How do I use the cloth Sanitary Pads?

Just like disposable pads, the washable pads are placed inside the panties at crotch level. The colourful fabric of the pad goes against the skin, its two wings fold back and clip under the panties. The width of the protection can be adjusted by means of the two snaps.

When the washable pads needs to be changed, simply fold all four sides towards the centre and close with the press-stud. Keep it this way until you can wash it in your wash machine.

Are the washable Menstrual Pads thick?

The washable Cloth Pads are very discreet, they are usually only 2 to 5 millimetres thick depending on the model chosen.

What is the composition of the washable Menstrual Pads?

Some reusableMenstrual Pads are made in China and do not have any label that can guarantee their safety. Be aware of this as toxic products may have been used in their manufacture.

The reliable washable Menstrual Pads are made up of several layers of fabric (cotton, polyester, PUL, etc.) at least labelled Oeko Tex Standard 100. Their composition is therefore perfectly known and without risk to your health.

Are the Menstrual Pads comfortable?

Contrary to the disposable menstrual pads, which can scratch, irritate or cause unpleasant odours, due to its composition, the reusable Menstrual Pads are made of soft fabric and is much more breathable. It does not cause odour or itching.

How long can I wear the same reusable Menstrual Pad ?

The Cloth Sanitary Pads can be worn over a day. You will need as many washable Menstrual Pads as if you were using disposable Pads. On days of normal or heavy flow, you will probably need to change them every 2 to 4 hours. On light flow days or in addition to a menstrual cup, a reusable Menstrual Pad can be worn for up to 12 hours.

Can the Menstrual Pads cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)?

Unlike tampons, washable Sanitary Pads do not hold the menstrual flow inside the vagina. If it is present, the bacteria responsible for toxic shock is therefore not in an environment that promotes its development and passage into the bloodstream.

Remember that Toxic Shock Syndrome is an extremely rare disease that affects only 5% of women, and can occur when internal protection is worn for more than 8 hours at a time.

How to wash a washable Menstrual Pad?

After using the washable Menstrual Pads, put it in a basin of warm water and rub it to remove as much blood as possible. After this pre-wash step, put your Pads in the washing machine for a programme at 40 or 60°C maximum. Drying should preferably be done in the open air!

How many of washable Menstrual Pads do I need?

If you wish to use only reusable Menstrual Pads, you will need at least 5 of them. Do not forget to allow for a drying time after each wash in the managing of your rotation cycle. Note that the fewer cloth Sanitary Pads you have, the more you will need to wash them frequently.

Can I use a Menstrual Cup at the same time with a reusable Menstrual Pads?

Obviously, in this case you can use a washable panty liner, which is cheaper to buy and lighter to prevent small leakage.

How long does a washable Menstrual Pads last?

A good quality washable Menstrual Pads would last about 5 years, which means 200 washes.

Do I save money by using washable Sanitary Pads?

If you replace your disposable Pads with washable Menstrual Pads, you can save an average of 22$ per year. The benefit goes mainly to our planet, as it is the reduction of menstrual waste that is significant.

How much does a reusable Menstrual Pads cost?

The price of a washable panty liner ranges from 14 to 16$ on average. For a normal flow the Menstrual Pads will cost between 19 and 21$ each. As for the models for abundant flow, they cost around 22$.

Can I use washable Menstrual Pads for Urine Leakage?

Yes, the washable Menstrual Pads models for heavy flow will be particularly suitable.