Menstrual panties for heavy flow: The best brands

For the days when our menstrual flow is abundant or even very abundant, several brands have designed special menstrual panties, with higher absorption capacities. Generally, these menstrual panties for heavy flow are more covering and/or have a thicker absorbent zone than the panties for medium flow.

Comparative models of menstrual panties for heavy flow

Below you will find the best models, suitable for heavy flows.

How to use the menstrual panties in case of heavy flow?

If you have a heavy flow, you generally will not be able to wear a single menstrual panty for 12 hours at a time, even if it is specifically designed for heavy flows. Of course, the promise of 12 hours of protection is tenable, but only when the flow is medium to light, or with a menstrual cup.

In case of abundant flow, an adapted menstrual panty will be able to hold up to 7-8 hours in a row alone. However, this varies greatly from one woman to another, as all flows are different: more or less thick, with or without clots, frequent or widely spaced, etc. You should always test a period panty at home before wearing it outside to determine how many hours it will last.

Tip If your flow is very central and the panty leaks quickly to the sides when it is not saturated, use labia pads. These small cloth pads will redirect blood to the front or back of the absorbent area.

a full brief for heavy period If the capacity for absorption of your menstrual panty for abundant flow allows it, it is enough for you to wear it your working day. When you get home, simply rinse the used panties with cold water in order to remove the maximum amount of blood, then wash them in a washing machine at 40°C. Note that menstrual panties for heavy flow take longer to dry once stretched because the absorption zone is thicker.

In case you are at risk of leakage at the end of the day, use a menstrual cup or a thin reusable menstrual pad for the first few hours. The objective is to preserve the absorption of your menstrual panty during a few hours, in order to be sure that it will not overflow.

Special case: very abundant flows (menorrhagia)

Heavy flow with menstrual underwear If your menstrual panty are quickly saturated, for example after 2-3 hours, this means that your menstrual flow is very heavy (menorrhagia or “hemorrhagic”). To be able to benefit all the same from your menstrual panties, two solutions are offered to you.

The first solution consists of adding a menstrual cup to the use of your menstrual panty, which you will empty regularly in the toilet. This solution is very practical and reassuring. The market of menstrual cups has developed so much that you will surely find the menstrual cup adapted to your needs.

The second solution is to take an extra menstrual panty with you, placed discreetly in a small plastic bag or zippered waterproof pouch. When you feel the absorbent zone of your menstrual panty that you are wearing starts to be saturated, exchange the two panties in the toilet. And your good to go again for several hours quite dry!

The last piece of advice: the days when your menstrual flow becomes average to normal or light, use models of menstrual panties for average flow. They are often less expensive, more breathable and discreet. The menstrual panties Loulou Naomi is perfect in this case: discover our opinion on these panties here.