How to wash and care Menstrual Panties

Menstrual Panties are reusable up to 5 to 7 years, if you care for them and follow our recommended instructions for cleaning them. To protect absorbent area in the crotch part of Menstrual Panties you need more care and attention while washing because of the vegetable fibre. Therefore, if you follow our instructions on how to clean and care for your Menstrual Panties you will protect the tissue fabric.

How to protect Menstrual Panties longevity

a clean menstrual panty Menstrual Panties fabric is composed of several layers, each layer has its own function, as comfort, absorption, or leak-proofing. Use our recommendations to protect Menstrual Panties longevity:

  • preserve the softness and beauty of the outer material of Period Panties,
  • protect care of the absorbing parts in the crotch area which is made of vegetable fibre,
  • care for warranty and security of water proofing of the Menstrual Panties.
Notice  Some women maybe have more acidic blood than the others, which can lead the Menstrual Panties to precede discoloration, or to lose waterproof ability. Another way to protect Menstrual Panties for exemple is to use a Menstrual Cup at the same time as your Menstrual Panties.

Menstrual Panties can be used for up to 12 hours but if you have high flux period it is advised that you change your Menstrual Panties after a few hours. At the end of the day when you take them off, best practise is to remember to prewash your Menstrual Panties with cold water.

The Pre-wash of Menstrual Underwear

Prewash your soaked Menstrual Panties with cold or room temperature water before washing them with your other clothes. Do not use hot water to wash them as this may lead to blood stiffening and damage the Menstrual Panties fabric. You can though thoroughly scrub the crotch area for a few minutes with cold water until the menstrual blood runs away.

Advice Before using Period Panties for the first time, put them in washing machine at 30° to increase absorption capacity.

If you have not planned to switch on your washing machine right after you have rinsed the Menstrual Panties, you can always leave them until your next laundry program.

How to wash Period Panties in washing machine

woman putting menstrual panty in wash machine Once you have rinsed your Period Panties in cold water for 2 or 3 minutes, you can put them in your washing machine at 30° or 40°. We advise that you to put your Menstrual Panties in a safety net in order to protect them farther as if you usually wash your delicate laundry.

Precautions for detergent: all-important is not to use detergent containing glycerine, as glycerine can foul vegetable fibres in absorbent area and lose the capacity absorption of your Menstrual Panties. Do not use conditioner or softener.

It is quite possible to wash your Menstrual Panties by hand. However, washing them in the wash machine at the end of your period will eliminate any trace of bacteria.

How to dry Menstrual Panties

Menstrual underwear should dry in the open air to prevent any damage to the tissue. We strongly advised that you avoid putting your Menstrual Pantie in a dryer or drying them on any kind of heater.

Drying your Menstrual Panties in the open air means that you could not use it for a few hours, that is why we advise you to have several Menstrual Panties to feel comfortable or to use other kind of reusable hygienic protections.

For example using your Menstrual Panties during the night and in the next day, you use a menstrual cup while your Menstrual Panties are air drying.