Modibodi review: I tried period panties for heavy flow

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My opinion on Modibodi sensual high waist bikini



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Price-performance ratio  ★★★★★

Comfort  ★★★★★

Efficiency  ★★★★★

Design  ★★★★☆

The strong points:

  • models of very absorbent panties at an affordable price;
  • the best merino perform wool effective against humidity;
  • ultra-soft and comfortable panties.

Evaluated model: Sensual High-Waist Bikini (heavy flow), size XS, black, Modibodi.

Modibodi is an innovative Australian brand that offers a wide range of menstrual underwear adapted to all morphologies, even the oversize’s ones. Modibodi also offers its ” RED ” collection especially designed for teenagers and young girls.

From menstrual tangas to tight shorts and, of course, more traditional period panty models, Modibodi designs products whose absorption capacity can suit all needs and flows. Today, I am talking to you about my experience with the “Sensual High-Waist Bikini” for abundant to very abundant flow at 29€, adorned with lace.

Concept and composition of the Modibodi Period Panties

The same as all menstrual panties, the absorbent zone area retains and directs the menstrual flow to the area of 3 textile layers in the middle:

  • The merino wool top fabric avoids humidity, bacteria and odours, it allows you to stay dry;
  • The inner layer that absorbs and retains the menstrual flow is made of microfibers (polyester and elastane);
  • The top 100% polyester fabric is waterproof and provides a leakage barrier.

The outer layer of this High-Waist Bikini panty model, is made of bamboo and elastane.

Useful Info ????‍???? the antibacterial fabric used in some Modibodi products has not undergone any treatment based on silver nanoparticles. Also, they are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

Are Modibodi menstrual panties comfortable?

My first impression of touching the Modibodi menstrual panties: the absorbent area of this model is thicker than the period panties I’m used to using. It is designed for heavy to very heavy flows, so it is perfectly functional. Concerning the shape of this absorbent zone area, it goes well up to the front and extends to the top of the panties at the back, like the period panties of the French brand Loulou. zoom lace of the period panties

Just a word about the lace at the waist, it is clear that it is not as beautiful as French lace. It remains nevertheless well finished and the pictures of the waves makes you feel like a surfer… it’s normal, the brand is Australian!

The material of the Modibodi menstrual panties is very soft and elastic; it is a real pleasure to put it on. Especially since the size suits me. I chose it according to the size guide available on the item’s sheets, so I expected nothing more.

I like the Hi-Waisted Bikini model with a slightly higher waist and a retro pin-up side. It is available in several colours. At the crotch area and at the bottom of the buttocks, the shape is well fitted. We feel that the absorbent insert is thicker than on a classic period panty. Briefly, so far, the Modibodi menstrual panties meet my expectations. It remains to be seen in time if the fabrics hold up well to the washings (no pilling or relax of fabrics, etc.).

menstrual panties modibodi from top

Test report of the Modibodi on a day of abundant flow

Objective: to evaluate its effectiveness alone during the heavy day’s flows.

The other menstrual panties that I have tested so far are for medium to heavy flow. I used them alone on the 1st, 3rd and last days of menstruation without any problem for 8 hours in a row. On the 2nd day of menstruation, which for me is abundant to very abundant, I must either change my period panties in the middle of the day or use the menstrual cup.

back of the Modibodi period panties

Therefore, I was missing a menstrual panty that I could soley use on my days or nights of heavy flow. That is why I chose this Modibodi model for heavy to very heavy flow. The panty promises absorbtion of 20 ml, or 3 to 4 tampons. The definitive verdict ????

My opinion on the absorption capacity of the Modibodi period panties

I put on my Modibodi panties in the morning, the day when my menstrual flow was the heaviest in my cycle. I made sure to wash them before wearing them for the first time (as recommended by the brand on their website) so that their absorption capacity would be at its maximum. At the beginning, I was afraid of the possibility of leaking quickly on the sides of the menstrual panties.

After 7 hours in a row, still no leak! The insert fulfils its role well and quickly absorbs the menstrual flow at the heart of its multi-layer zone. As is often the case with menstrual panties worthy of the name, there are no bad surprises about the anti-leakage membrane, which is fully waterproof.
I decided to take off my menstrual panties at the end of those 7 hours to freshen up and change them, but they certainly could have lasted longer. Remember that every woman is different and should test the absorption capacity of any period panty with her own flow.

One of the major positive points of the Modibodi panties, compared to other brands of menstrual panties, concerns the fabric on top of the absorbent area, the one that is in contact with the skin. This fabric is made of merino wool, so it gives the sensation of being drier than with the other panties, which are made of cotton. It is well isolated from humidity.

absorbent zone of the Modibodi menstrual panty On the other hand, I was delighted to see that the stitches of these Modibodi panties do not have the problem of blood conduction on the sides compared with some other menstrual panties, which sometimes create leaks when they are not saturated. This model of period panties are the most absorbent I have tested so far and are excellent value for money.

If I had to give any negatives, it would not be the thickness of the absorbent zone because as it is located at the crotch area, as it is invisible under the clothes. Rather the seams may be a little too marked on the buttocks to the taste of some women. These women will then surely prefer to go for the seamless range (seamfree) proposed by the brand.

How to wash and use Modibodi period panties?

My small critique of this brand is that contrary to French brands, there are rather few indications on the packaging of their menstrual panties regarding washing. However, I naturally decided to apply the same care habits with my Modibodi panties as with my other menstrual panties. Here is my advice:

  • Once the panty is used, rinse it with plenty of cold water to wash out any blood.
  • Then put it in your wash machine for a cycle at 40°C (maximum) without any softener or fabric softener. You can also let it dry at this stage to wash it later.
  • Put your Modibodi menstrual panties to dry in the open air (no tumble dryer or iron).

With these few simple care instructions for your period panties, you will be able to reuse them for several years. I advise you to have at least 3 menstrual panties and use them alternately.

Some other models of Modibodi menstrual underwear

My favourite Modibodi models

Here are some other models of Modibodi that I find very beautiful, and they may quickly join my wardrobe…????

other period panties with lace from Modibodi

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a blue Modibodi panty

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a high waist Modibodi period underwear

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Seamfree collection

Modibodi also offers a collection of seamless menstrual panties, with extra-flat "glued" borders (as the brand Smoon also does) that are therefore invisible under clothes.

period panties from the seam less collection

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Sport collection (activewear)

Modibodi's Active wear range is highly breathable and specially designed for sports. The fabrics used are antibacterial and easily wick away perspiration.

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If you want to know more about the brand's values ​​and its period panties, here is one of the videos from the official Modibodi Youtube channel.