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Price-performance ratio  ★★★★★

Comfort  ★★★★★

Efficiency  ★★★★☆

Design  ★★★★★

The strong points:

  • comfort and efficiency at a very fair price.
  • absorption zone extented to the top of the buttocks.
  • originality of models and cuts.

In addition, the delivery is free.

Evaluated model: Naomi menstrual panties, size XS, Loulou.

Loulou is a French brand initially known for its menstrual cup Louloucup. And also today offers its models of menstrual panties. I tested one of its menstrual panties for you to evaluate its real efficiency and comfort.

The menstrual panties by Loulou: Are original and well designed

I have received my Loulou menstrual panties in a nice cardboard pouch. The Naomi model I ordered looks like no other menstrual panties. It is very original and rather sexy thanks to its small openwork crosses on each side. Loulou’s panties have a unique and modern design. Seven different models are currently available for sale to satisfy all styles and fit all morphologies.

photo of loulou period panties

I have ordered my Loulou menstrual panties in size XS because I am a small 36. The brand is the right size; the panties do not yawn and hold well in place thanks to its slightly elastic seams. The Naomi model is low waist at the front and has the particularity to go up well at the back. I guess it will remain just as comfortable for larger women. Loulou’s panties are available in six sizes: from XS to XXL, that is from 34 to 44 (except the Lucie panties up to XL).

What about the shape of the absorbent area of these panties?

Contrary to many menstrual panty brands, Loulou has chosen to integrate an absorbent insert that goes all the way up to the top of the buttocks on all its panty models. Loulou’s menstrual panties are therefore particularly ideal for those who are looking for extended protection at the back.

back of the period panties I sometimes regret that the absorbent insert of some menstrual panties is too short at the front; here the insert goes up to the front. Therefore, you can lie down with your Loulou panties in all serenity, whether you sleep on your stomach or on your back.

I also consider that there is another advantage to the shape of the insert at the back. As it goes up to the top of the buttocks, the seams of the insert are not across (horizontally) the bulging part of the buttocks, where the pants are the most stretched. Contrary to other menstrual panties, the seams of the absorbent zone are therefore practically invisible under clothes.

Composition of the menstrual panties Loulou

The body of the Naomi panties is composed of 75% nylon and 25% elastane. I think this synthetic fabric will resist better to washing than cotton. Moreover, I especially noticed that compared to my 100% cotton menstrual panties, it dries much faster in the open air (important to be able to alternate your panties).

The absorbent core is made of cotton microfiber, and the anti-leakage membrane is made of waterproof PUL. The so-called anti-bacterial fabric that makes up the surface of the absorbent area is made of ultra-soft organic cotton, with some elastane. This fabric must be hypoallergenic and soft because it is in direct contact with the skin and mucous membranes.

Are the Loulou panties efficient and comfortable?

Loulou’s panties do not claim to be more effective than they are. The brand is transparent about the absorption capacity of its menstrual panties: This one is equivalent to 2-3 tampons, i.e. 20 ml. A Loulou panty will thus be very reliable as hygienic protection only on days of average to abundant flow For days of very abundant flow, the brand advises to use a menstrual cup in complement of the period panties. Otherwise, there is the Clara high-waist panty, for abundant flow.

Loulou is made in France ???????? and offers its cup adapted to abundant flows at the price of 28.90€ and it is available in two sizes.

opinion of Loulou period underwear I have tested my Loulou panties during my period, one day of average flow, as my only protection. On the comfort side, I was afraid that the size of the absorbent would be unsuitable and give me a “diaper” effect… well, not at all. Similarly, I had some preconceived notions about quality, given the outsourced manufacturing in Portugal. To my great surprise, the panties are very comfortable and have a nice fall on the body!

With regard to the effectiveness of this menstrual panty, very good point too: I did not have any leakage during the 7 hours in a row when I wore them during the day. I even think that I could have worn it longer without any problem. As far as the sensations are concerned, the flow is quickly absorbed in the panties and the very tight weave of the organic cotton in contact with the skin avoids any unpleasant feeling of humidity. My conclusion can be stated in one sentence: Effective, well-distributed protection and, on top of that, it is a very nice panty.

Prices and manufacturing of Loulou period panties

Loulou is one of the few menstrual panties designed in France and available for less than 30 euros including shipping! To be able to offer its menstrual panties at 28,90€, without compromising on the quality of the product, the French brand Loulou designs its panties and then has them manufactured in Portugal. The panties of Loulou thus show very good value for money.

To save even more money, Loulou offers panty packs. For example, it is possible to buy two menstrual panties for €53.80 instead of €57.80. You can click below to take advantage of this opportunity.

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pack of two menstrual panties

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How to take care of your Loulou period panties

A few simple actions allow you to take good care of your Loulou panties to preserve the absorbent qualities of the microfiber fabric and the waterproofness of the anti-leakage textile, and this, for several years. The first step after using the period panty is to rinse it under water at room temperature to fluidity the blood and make it go away as much as possible. Gently press the absorbent area between your fingers several times.

Notice ???? Be careful not to wring out the menstrual panties by twisting it, this action could damage the waterproof PUL.

Once the panties are rinsed, put them in the machine with the rest of your laundry at 30°C. The Loulou mark indicates that you should not use fabric softener. This type of product could clog the absorbent fibres as you wash and reduce their absorption strength.

For the drying stage, the dryer machine should not be used because such high heat could damage the textiles. Therefore, you just have to stretch out your Loulou period panties for a few hours to dry them in the open air. Do not hesitate to order at least 3 menstrual panties to use them alternately.