The washable menstrual pad changes our consumption habits for the better. As it is reusable, it requires the adoption of new habits during menstruation, especially in terms of maintenance. So how do you wash your washable menstrual pad to preserve their softness and absorbent properties? Here are the right steps to clean your washable pads every menstrual cycle.

Two steps to wash your washable menstrual pad

Tip 👉 Before using your washable menstrual pad for the first time, wash it in the washing machine at 40°C. This will increase its absorption capacity!

Pre-washing of your hand-washable menstrual pad

how to clean your washable pads The purpose of the pre-wash step is to remove as much blood as possible before putting the pad(s) in the machine with the other clothes. This first step can take place at the end of the day, when the pad(s) has been worn for 5 to 12 hours, or at the end of the period.

To pre-wash a washable menstrual pad, simply rub it in a basin of warm water and wring it out before putting it in the washing machine. Do not use hot water, as it may cause blood to stick to the fabric. At the beginning and at the end of the period, the blood can be more difficult to remove, in that case use a stain-removing soap or baking soda.

Washing the menstrual pads in a wash machine

Put the wrung menstrual pads in the washing machine for a cycle of 40° or 60°C maximum. The best is to wash them with other clothes because the rubbing of the fabrics in the machine will allow for a more thorough cleaning. The other clothes will not be able to be stained with blood since most of it has been removed during the pre-washing.

Tip 👉 If you are used to using fabric softener, replace it with ½ cup of white vinegar. This will prevent the absorbency of the menstrual pad from deteriorating.

The drying stage of reusable menstrual pads

tips to well dry washable pads Once the menstrual pads have been thoroughly cleaned, they should be dried, preferably in the open air. You can also put them in the dryer, on a gentle cycle only.

Be careful, if you use the dryer too hard or too frequently, it could damage the plant fibres of the washable menstrual pad and harm the effectiveness of its waterproof anti-leak textile. You could then seriously reduce the longevity of your menstrual pad.

Cleaning in the middle or at the end of the menstrual cycle.

Buying the washable menstrual pad represents an investment at the beginning. A high quality pad made in France, costs between 17 and 20 euros on average per unit. There are two ways to clean your washable pads, depending on your budget and your personal choice: example of good washable period pads

  • Either you use few pads and wash them in the middle of the cycle (for example at the end of the day) to be able to reuse them quickly.
  • Or you have about ten pads and wash them all at the same time at the end of your period. In the meantime, you can keep them dry, folded in 3 with the snap.

Remember, however, that the average life of a washable menstrual pad is 200 washes. If you use fewer pads during your period and then wash them several times per cycle, you may need to renew your stock sooner than expected.

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